Features - HIPAA Email

The primary goal of MDofficeMail is to provide easy to use HIPAA complaint email hosting service.

Following are some of the important features of MDofficeMail that is secure and efficient.



  • Security is strictly enforced. "No Compromise" service
  • MDofficeMail can be accessed only with https, 993/995, and 465 ports. 256-Bit AES Encryption ensures highest transmission security. We take the security of PHI seriously.

  • Encryption is enforced by default
  • Email messages sent to other than MDofficeMail users are delivered encrypted by default for security at recipient's end. Optionally configurable to deliver plain messages (unencrypted) by default and encrypted messages on demand.

  • End-to-end encryption.
  • Secure access not only at sender's end but also at recipient's end irrespective of the email service used by the recipient.

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).
  • Additional layer of security for enhanced security of your email account.

  • Facility to validate new recipient.
  • New recipient can be validated with a 6-digit code to access email received. This auto-generated code can be provided only by the sender of the message.

  • HIPAA Business Agreement:
  • Business Associate Agreement is executed to meet HIPAA compliance.

  • Facility to expire already sent message:
  • When an encrypted message consisting of PHI is sent to wrong recipient, sender can prevent the recipient from viewing that message by force expiring it.

  • Legal Archival:
  • All sent and received email messages are stored in a secure remote server which cannot be edited or deleted. As long as the user is active archived messages can be viewed and downloaded.

  • Automatic Session timeout.
  • Automatic session timeout for Webmail and MDVault for security and to meet HIPAA compliance.

  • Anyone can initiate a secure message to MDofficeMail user.
  • Using our secure web application EmailYourDoc anyone can initiate and send a secure message to MDofficeMail users. This is in addition to the facility to send secure reply to encrypted message received from a MDofficeMail user.

  • Access logs and Audit controls:
  • Access logs are available for each user, as required by HIPAA.

  • Emergency Glass Break.
  • In case of emergency Account Administrator can access the email messages of other users in their account.



  • As simple and convenient as a regular email service.
  • Access your email through Webmail, desktop email client applications like MS Outlook and smart phone.

  • No installations, no special requirements. No software to download.
  • Unencrypted messages are sent to other MDofficeMail users by default:
  • For the convenience of your colleagues, messages sent to MDofficeMail users are not encrypted. This will avoid decryption process by the recipient. These messages are secure as well.

  • "Family and Friends".
  • Add email addresses of your family and friends (No-PHI recipients) to the SAFE LIST. Emails sent to these recipients using Webmail/Smart phone/Outlook will be plain by default.

  • Configurable to send Plain (unencrypted) Messages by default:
  • Occasional senders of PHI can be configured to send plain (unencrypted) messages by default. Emails with PHI can be manually encrypted just by typing the word "secure" or the symbol "~" in the subject line.

  • Customization:
  • MDofficeMail offers very high level of UI customization. Custom logos, banners, and look & feel is offered to Domain Plan subscribers.

  • Facility to send plain (unencrypted) messages:
  • Just by typing :: in the subject line plain message is sent. However sender has to make sure that PHI is not sent in those messages.

  • Mobile phone (smart phone) access and Push Mail:
  • MDofficeMaial is HIPAA compliant with most of the smart phones. With Push Mail service (3rd party service with addtional charge) messages are received in smart phones within seconds and is notified with the display of a badge and/or sound.

  • BCC Archiving:
  • Domain level BCC archiving can be configured so that all the incoming and outgoing messages of all users in the domain can be forwarded to a specific email account.

  • Calendar, a great planning tool:
  • Set reminder messages for appointments and work deadlines. As MDoffice Mail calendar automatically stores information on your email server, you can access your schedule from any computer with internet. Optionally share your entire calendar or just particular events with other users.

  • Advanced spam prevention and virus filtering:
  • MDoffice Mail offers advanced features to identify undesirable spam email, block virus infected mail and prevent abuse of your mail account by spammers. Naturally these features can be individually configured.

  • Auto migration
  • Import emails from the Inbox of your other email account with ease.



  • Change password reminder:
  • User is prompted to change password after 80th day. As HIPAA compliance recommends to change password every 90 days, users are automatically reminded when they log into webmail.

  • Choose email id suffix of your choice for your HIPAA Email Account:
  • In addition to your.domain name and name@mdofficemail.com, you can select any of the following suffixes: @secur-mail.com, @hipaamail.net, @securedraft.com, @phymail.com etc.

  • Strict Privacy Policy:
  • MDofficeMail strongly believes in safe-guarding their client details. Client information including name, address, and phone number will not be given to any third party. MDofficeMail never stores credit card details. Credit card payments are processed by PayPal and details are securely saved by PayPal. MDofficeMail doesn't have access to those details.

  • Technical support:
  • Phone support is available from Mon-Fri, 8-5 CST and email support is available on 24/7 basis./p>

  • Advertisement-free Service:
  • MDofficeMail HIPAA Email Service is advertisement-free.



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