Comparison of MDofficeMail, Crypt-n-Send and other email services

Features MDofficeMail Crypt-n-Send Other secure email service** Other Free email service**
Your existing email id*** Remains unchanged with domain plans Remians unchanged n/a n/a
Email Hosting with MDofficeMail can be anywhere n/a n/a
Send msgs from webmail, Outlook, smart phone
Mobile Phone App to compose messages
(in addition to phone's default email program)
Centralized "Sent Mail" folder****
HIPAA Agreement
Anyone can send secure messge to you. Initiate new message or Secure Reply Only Secure Reply
Enforced SSL Access
Encryption by default Automated
HIPAA Compliance Yes mark Yes ( only msgs sent using CryptnSend Question mark
End-to-End Protection
Facility to validate new recipient
Force expire already sent message
Legal Archive Yes (only msgs sent using CryptnSend)
Automatic session timeout
Access logs and Audit control
Emergency Glass break
Change Password Reminder
Strict Privacy Policy
Customization Yes (domain plans)***
Telephone/email support
Ease of use
No Installation required
BCC Archiving Yes (only msgs sent using CryptnSend)
Auto Migration n/a n/a n/a
Advertisement-Free Service
* Features related to HIPAA compliance are in green
** May vary from provider to provider
*** Remains same If you have your own domain name and if you move the hosting to MdofficeMail. Otherwise you will have new MDofficeMail Id.
**** All sent messages using iPhone/Android, Webmail, MS Outlook or Compose Webpage are saved in a single folder.