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Set-up & Free Trial

How do I sign up for a MDofficeMail or CryptnSend account?

You can sign up from the MDoffice Mail Subscription page and CryptnSend Subscription page. Select required number of accounts, choose options, choose your add-ons, enter your personal information, and payment information. Once the credit card is authorized, admin account is created, which you can start using immediately. Details of the account, Quick Start Guide and other details will be emailed to your current email address. In addition you can take assistance from our customer support.

How can I convert my Trial Account into a Regular Account?

Nothing. Your trial account will get converted into regular account after the trial period and your credit card on file will charged.

Can I still use my current email address with MDofficeMail?

Yes, if you have your own domain name suffix for your current email address. Ex. “name@your-domain-name.com”. Our subscription plans allow you to use your private domain on our server through MX change, which is an easy job. Your website remains unaffected, email address remains unchanged, and no domain registration / transfer is required. Your domain email is redirected to MDofficeMail server. You can continue to use your current email address and become HIPAA compliant as well. MDofficeMail support team can assist you in this process.

If your email address is provided by free services such as Yahoo/ Hotmail/Gmail or email service provided by companies like AT&T, Verizon, comcast etc, you can use our CryptnSend service to send HIPAA compliant, secure messages without changing your email address. Recipients of your secure messages can send a secure reply.

Will I lose any emails in my current email account if I switch MDofficeMail?

You will not lose any emails from the Inbox of your current email account. We employ a migration system that manages the process by checking your Inbox at both locations until the cutover is complete and consolidating all emails in the new location. Note that messages from other folders like Sent Items etc can't be migrated.

Do I need to download or install any software to use the MDofficeMail?

Absolutely nothing. No downloads, plug-ins, or installations are necessary to use MDofficeMail. MDofficeMail is as simple and user-friendly as any other email service.

Does MDofficeMail work with my PC/email client program/OS?

MDofficeMail works with almost all the systems:

  • Web Browsers: Internet Explorer 6 and above, Firefox, Apple,  Safari, Google Chrome Netscape Communicator, Mozilla, AOL, Opera, Red Hat, Linux,  Konqeror, Camino.
  • Email Clients: Outlook & Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Netscape Communicator, Eudora, Apple Mail (MacOS 10.2 or later), Mac-Entourage v.x for MacOS X.
  • Mobile: MDofficeMail also works with iPhone, iPad, Android, Palm and Windows Mobile.
Do you offer free trial?

Yes, you can try fully functional MDofficeMail or CryptnSend account for 30 days without any obligation. Click here to signup for fully functional free trial of MDofficeMail or click here to signup for CryptnSend. Your account is ready as soon as you complete as your complete your subsription.

Sending email through remote servers is blocked by my ISP. What now?

You can still use MDofficeMail. Generally ISPs that block 3rd party SMTP servers block port 25. MDofficeMail being secure, uses port 587 and 465. There should not be any problem at all.

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