Customization - HIPAA Email Hosting Service

With domain plan MDofficeMail HIPAA email can be customized to reflect your practice.

Professionally looking email address: Have a domain transferred/registered, and reflect your practice name in your email address. This feature is a part of the plan. No extra charges.

Example: If your name is Mary and your office name is Florida Family Practice, your email id can be:
(depending on the transferred/registered domain name).


Other domain plan customization features(for a nominal fee of $5/mo/domain)
  • Add your logo and banner to Webmail login page.
  • Add your logo and banner to webmail.
  • Add your logo and banner to MDVault decryption window.
  • Add your logo and banner to decrypted message window.
  • Customize encrypted email receipt notification with your logo and banner.


Those who are not opting for domain plan can choose any of the following Email Id suffixes:


While ordering you can select the domain name (email id suffix) of your choice from the drop-down window in the order form.

Secure Web-contact Forms

Secure and HIPAA compliant Contact Forms for your website. Forms are Dynamic, Responsive, customized to suit your website.





Email archives, Data backup, Calendar, File sharing, Access logs, Audit files, Spam control, Virus protection, Auto migration and..




Secure Fax

No more fax machines, telephone lines. Subscribe to MDfax to send/receive HIPAA compliant fax from your email or desktop...


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