Founded in 1999 by a medical doctor, Vision Infonet Inc. has steadily grown over the past decade to serve over 2000 clients all over the United States.
Easy-to-use Faxtone enables your business to conveniently send and receive faxes practically from anywhere on the globe. Subscribe, set it up and start sending and receiving secure faxes within minutes!
With the ongoing trends in Information Technology, where change is an obsession, time a limited commodity, and quality the hallmark of every business
Majority of us use free email service like Gmail or the one provided by the internet or web hosting service prodiver. Connection to most of these services is standard, unencrypted/unsecured (HTTP)
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Encryption by default and plain(unencrypted) message on demand

All messages sent to email addresses other than MDofficeMail users are encrypted by default. Need to type :: in the subject line to send plain(unencrypted) messages to these users. Email ids added in "Safe List" also will receive plain messages by default.

Plain(unencrypted) message by default and encryption on demand

Messages are sent plain(unencrypted) by default. Need to type the word "secure" or the sign "~" in the subject line to encrypt the message.