The one stop solution for all your office communication. We are secure, we are encrypted and the best part - we make your communication HIPAA Compliant. Our customers are located all over the USA and our servers are located in Illinois with local 2nd level mirroring and 3rd level remote backup in California giving you the utmost protection.

Why MDOM for HIPAA Compliant Email

Email, Protected Health Information, and HIPAA

Experience - We bring with us a world of experience, with our partner having over 50 years in the Healthcare industry, and our staff having 20+ years in the IT security space, we command a strong industry expertise.

Team - We are a small team of developers, designers and technical experts following a “lean” model in running our firm.

Fresh Approach - We are young, agile and proactive, always keeping up with the compliance requirements and client expectations.

The Product - Our industry-standard encryption software, secure servers and safe transmission of data lock down your data protecting it from intruders

Our Service - Ask us for a trial run on our product, ask to sign up, or ask us anything, we get you going within minutes. And yes, we provide customer service round the clock 24 X 7

Customers - We are growing quickly and adding many customers every day. Our customers love us which is proved from the 99% retention rate that we proudly boast of. We can’t wait to have you join us!

Who We Are

When one of our major clients asked us to look around for a HIPAA Compliant email service that is affordable for their budget and reliable for the business communication of their 2000+ clients – we were surprised that we could not find any good options. That is when the idea for our encrypted email service germinated.


30-day refund policy


Plans & Price

Who we are

MDofficeMail is Illinois-based LLC with registered office at Aurora, IL . MDofficeMail is the sister concern of:

Practice Management System is a 50-year-old California LLC located at Burlingame, CA. PMS is one of the oldest billing service providers in the State of California.

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