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Welcome to HIPAA Compliant Email Service from MDofficeMail

The primary goal of MDofficeMail is to provide secure, efficient, easy-to-use and HIPAA compliant email service. Secure access not only at sender’s end, but also at recipient’s end.

MDOfficeMail fully supports auto-detection of account settings in Thunderbird 3.1+ and Outlook 2007(SP2) and later. Other mailers or apps may work or partially work. Common problems include not enabling SSL and leaving off the domain in your username. So we recommend that you verify your settings manually even if they might seem to work fine after auto-configuration.
POP3 Incoming server name: mail.mdofficemail.com
SSL Port: 995

SMTP Outgoing server name:mail.mdofficemail.com
SSL Port: 465

IMAP server name: mail.mdofficemail.com
SSL Port: 993
  •   Use POP3 to download mail & store it on your computer.
  •   Use IMAP or webmail to keep mail on our server for storage.
  •   SSL connections are encrypted from start to finish.
  •   TLS uses clear channel ports to send encrypted email.
  •   The mailer initiates data encryption right before your username & password are sent.
  •   We recommended using the SSL port unless due to firewall or client limitation the TLS port is required.
Secure Password Authentication (SPA)?
  •   SPA is a form of password encryption.
  •   SPA is not necessary on SSL/TLS connections, which are already encrypted. Therefore we do not support this feature.
  •   Each of the above servers, including SMTP, requires authentication with your username & password.
  •   Use your complete email address as your username.
  •   Domain accounts with their own IP address and certificate can substitue mail.mdofficemail.com with their certficate mail host name, e.g. mail.yourdomain.com.