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Advantages of MDofficeMail over other email services

  •   Security is strictly enforced. MDofficeMail can be accessed only with https and secure (995,993 and 465) ports.

  •   Encryption is enforced by default for all emails that are sent to recipients outside MDofficeMail server.

  •   End-to-end encryption. (Security is maintained not only at the sender’s end, but also at recipient’s end irrespective of the email service the recipient is using)

  •   Facility to validate new recipient. (New recipient needs to enter a 6-digit code to access email received. This randomly generated, recipient specific 6-digit code can be provided only by the sender of that message)

  •   Facility to expire already sent message:  When an encrypted message consisting of PHI is sent to wrong recipient, the sender can prevent the recipient from viewing that message by force expiring it.

  •   Plain messages (secure as well) are sent to all MDofficeMail users. Our service is capable of detecting other users of MDofficeMail service and plain messages are sent to them to avoid the decryption process by the recipient. This takes place automatically.

  •   Legal Archive: As required by HIPAA, all incoming and outgoing emails are stored in a secure remote server which cannot be modified or deleted.

  •   Access logs: Access logs can be viewed for each user, as required by HIPAA.

  •   Facility to send plain messages: When general messages (without PHI) are sent outside MDofficeMail, it can be made into a plain message (unencrypted message) just with a single click.

  •   Change password reminder: User is prompted to change his password after 80th day. As HIPAA compliance recommends to change password every 90 days, users are automatically reminded to change their password. However is not mandatory.

  • Customization: MDofficeMail offers very high level of UI customization.

  •   HIPAA Business Agreement: As required for HIPAA compliance, MDofficeMail signs Business Associate Agreement with all their clients.

  •   Free trial:  MDofficeMail offers 30 days of free service without any obligation. Single free trial account is also offered for 90 days.

  •   BCC Archiving: Domain level BCC archiving can be done so that all the incoming and outgoing mails from all the users can be saved into a particular mail account.

  •   Email & Mobile phones: Our service is HIPAA compliant with all mobile phones which are capable of handling secure POP, IMAP and SMTP.  Since most of the mobile phones are capable of handling secure ports, our service is HIPAA compliant with them. (except Blackberry, which may not be compliant).