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- No. of email accounts should be 4 or more for subscriptions with your domain name.
- Faxtone subscription comes with 25 sign-in bonus fax transmission credits.

HIPAA Email - 30-day-refund
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-Faxtone account: Whenever available credits deplete below 0, 200 ($10.00) credits are added to your account automatically to prevent interruption in the service. You can disable this feature by logging into Account Administration.



Encrypted delivery on demand and plain delivery by default

Messages are delivered plain(unencrypted) by default. Need to type the word "secure" or the sign "~" in the subject line to deliver encrypted message.

Encrypted delivery by default and plain delivery on demand

Messages sent to email addresses other than MDofficeMail users are delivered encrypted by default. Recipient requires to enter password to view this message. You need to type :: in the subject line for unencrypted delivery of messages.