Smart Phone App to Send HIPAA Email

Thank you for your interest in CryptnSend Smart Phone App. By installing this app you can send secure and HIPAA Compliant email messages from your smart phone.
You need to have CryptnSend subscription to use this App. Please visit MD OfficeMail for more details.

CryptnSend App for iPhone/iPad and Android

i) Download the App for iPhone/iPad from or App for Android from and install.

ii) Tap on the CryptnSend icon.

iii) In the home screen tap on "Proceed"

iii) Enter your email id and password associated with CryptnSend.

iv) Compose page will get displayed on successful login.

v) Go to "Settings" page to add your credentials, to change password, and to add your Signature line.

vi) Check the box to add the signature line to messages by default.

vii) Go to "Contacts" to add contacts or to select a contact. Click on the contact to add it to "To" field in the Compose window.

viii) An encrypted copy of the sent message will be delivered to your Inbox. If you want to receive an unencrypted copy of your sent message, check appropriate box in the compose window.

ix) Make sure that you will not select the option to receive unencrypted copy if the message contains PHI.

x) Tap on Send button to send encrypted message.

xi) Please visit CryptnSend page to learn more about CryptnSend and encrypted messages.

xii) Visit to learn more about decryption of sent messages.

For any other information, details or technical support:
Call: 1-877-477-8999 ext 21

About Vision Infonet Inc:
Vision Infonet is a 15-year-old Illinois corporation serving more than 2000 physicians across United States with transcription, billing services and MDCare EMR/PMS. Please click here for more details.

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