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Welcome to MDofficeMail! HIPAA Compliant Email Hosting, Email Encryption Services, and
HIPAA Compliant Fax service with no hassles !!

Four convenient and HIPAA Compliant services:

Secure Email Hosting - Email Encryption - Secure Digital Fax - Website Forms


Email hosting service

Secure, Efficient, Easy to use, and Economical HIPAA Compliant Email Service!

Agreement (BAA), Access Control, Audit Controls, Authentication, Integrity, and Transmission Security - all aspects of compliance are taken care.

Security is enforced without any compromise. Email sent outside MDofficeMail will be force encrypted and secured by MDVault of our service. Option to send unencrypted messages.
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Encryption service for your existing email account

Email Encryption service for your existing email account, for end-to-end protection!

Crypt-n-Send is a high-end email encryption service for your existing email account including Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

Email sent using CryptnSend will be force encrypted and secured by MDVault. Encryption is very important to maintain the security of the message till it is delivered to the recipient. Send secure messages in 4 different, easy ways.
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Secure Fax

HIPAA Compliant Digital Fax Service. Make your faxes available all the time. Save money and time. Free Legal Archival and secure email account . $3.15/mo Learn more...

Secure Forms

HIPAA Compliant and secure form for your website. Customized header to match your website and customized fields to suit your requirement. Learn more...

Plans starting from

Plans starting from $2.03/mail box/mo

per mail box/month*

Legal Archival for 7 years included

No Contract/Setup fee
5GB Storage
Free trial
30-day money back
Online Calendar
Personalized spam settings
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Compliance is your responsibility

"Office for Civil Rights may impose a penalty on a covered entity for a failure to comply with a requirement of the Privacy Rule. Penalties will vary significantly depending on... or whether the covered entity’s failure to comply was due to willful neglect." Read more...

MDofficeMail LLC is Illinois-based and is the sister concern of:

The group is having long history of servicing US Healthcare Providers. MDofficeMail is designed out of the experience and expertise of these companies for more than 50 years!! Secure servers of MDofficeMail are located in Illinois and California.

CMS recently published a final rule that specifies the Stage 2 criteria to continue to participate in the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs…Use secure electronic messaging to communicate with patient... Read more...


Send HIPAA-compliant encrypted messages without ever owning a secure email account...

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Email archives, Data backup, Calendar, File sharing, Access logs, Audit files, Spam control, Virus protection..

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