Intelligent Automation - MDofficeMail HIPAA Email

MDofficeMail is designed for the convenience of both sender and recipient.

Important drawback with most of secure and HIPAA compliant email services is the encryption and decryption process, which is definitely inconvinient to a regular user.  This issue is handled in a very intelligent way by MDofficeMail.

MDofficeMail is capable of recognizing secure recipients from general recipients so that unnecessary encryption and decryption process is avoided resulting in sending and receiving plain messages. These plain messages are secure and HIPAA compliant as well.

Salient features of Intelligent Automation include:
  • Messages within the domain are not encrypted, i.e. messages exchanged between the users within the organization are not encrypted. This is to avoid decryption process by the recipient. These plain messages are secure and HIPAA compliant too.
  • Messages across domains hosted by MDofficeMail are not encrypted. i.e. messages between hospital-X and Hospital-Y are not encrypted if both the domains are hosted with MDofficeMail. These messages are very much secure and HIPAA compliant.
  • Messages between MDofficeMail users and any other HIPAA compliant email service users are not encrypted. (The other service user has to confirm their HIPAA compliance in writing to enable this feature in MDofficeMail)
  • Email addresses marked by the sender as “safe” will always receive unencrypted (plain) messages.
  • Delete an already sent message: When an encrypted message consisting PHI is sent to a wrong recipient, sender can prevent the recipient from viewing the message by "force expiring" it.
  • Automatic Legal Archive: All sent and received messages are archived remotely. These messages cannot be modified or deleted. As long as the user is active archived messages can be viewed and downloaded.
  • Automatic change password alert: Users are informed to reset their password on the 80th day (addressable item of HIPAA compliance)
  • BCC archiving: All sent and received messages from all the email accounts can be blind copied to a specific email account (feature available with domain plans)
  • Automatic session time-out for webmail and decrypted message.
  • Automatic “Read receipt” along with IP address of the recipient.
All the above is automated. No software or program to be downloaded or installed. Other important features of MDofficeMail include:
  • New recipient validation: By selecting this option while composing a message, new recipient cannot view the message unless a security token is received from the sender.
  • Password reset authorization: Unless the sender authorizes, recipient cannot reset a forgotten password.
  • Validation of recipient to authorize decryption password reset: Optionally sender can validate the recipient requesting for reset of a forgotten password.
  • Sender has the choice to send encrypted or plain message to any email recipient
  • Access logs: Access logs can be viewed for each user.
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