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This Addin is for the convenience of CryptnSend and MS Outlook users.
CryptnSend account can be configured in MS Outlook and other Email Client Programs without this Add-In. click for details...

Important: This Addin is suitable for MS Outlook 2010 and earlier.
New version will be released shortly for MS Outlook 2013


MS Outlook Add-in for Crypt-n-Send HIPAA Email encryption service



Download Installation Guide - CryptnSend Add-In for MS Outlook




Performance of the HIPAA Email Add-in depends on various factors including the OS, version of MS Office, security settings etc.
These Add-Ins is provided as courtesy for the convenience, not as a part of the service.


Send HIPAA-compliant encrypted messages without ever owning a secure email account ...

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Email archives, Data backup, Calendar, File sharing, Access logs, Audit files, Spam control, Virus...

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Customize your email ID, webmail login page, MDVault, and notifications with your practice logo...

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