How CryptnSend Email Encryption works

CryptnSend offers security for any email account, at both sender and recipient's ends

CryptnSend email encryption service is meant for providing security and compliance to Gmail, Yahoo and other free email service users. CryptnSend can be used with any email account that is hosted elsewhere.

CryptnSend operates securely using SSL over the Web or through desktop email client (Outlook Express/MS Outlook etc) without the need for additional software, hardware, or certificates. CryptnSend Webmail and SMTP are always secure with SSL. Additionally, SSL establishes an encrypted pipe to CryptnSend servers using VeriSign's RSA-powered SSL/TLS, the most powerful and secure form of SSL available, providing rock-solid protection. Right at the connection point CryptnSend use is communicating over a secure channel, well before entering username and password!!

Sender's End of CryptnSend user:
  • Continue to use your existing email account as before.
  • Subscribe to Crypt-n-send service for your current email id and setup CryptnSend password.
  • Url for CryptnSend Webmail and SMTP server details will be provided to you.
  • You are ready to send secure messages in four different ways:
    1. Compose-Webpage
    2. Webmail
    3. iPhone/Android App
    4. MS Outlook / Apple Mail / Any other email client application

    Compose-Webpage, Webmail, and iPhone/Android App: Login with your email id and CryptnSend password, compose and send. For MS Outlook / Apple Mail / Any other email client application, create a new account in the application using your email id, CryptnSend password and CryptnSend SMTP server details. Use this account to send secure messages and your regular account to send other messages without PHI.
  • Message sent is using any of the above methods are routed through the SMTP server of CryptnSend service instead of the SMTP of original service provider of that email account.
Recipient's End of CryptnSend message

MDofficeMail users: Secure and HIPAA compliant message is delivered just like any other email service. Messages can be viewed without the necessity of passwords or decryption process.

Non-MDofficeMail users: Message send using CryptnSend is stored in MDVault without delivering it. Instead the recipient will receive a simple message informing the receipt of a secure message. When the recipient clicks on the link provided in the message, a secure webpage opens up and a secure SSL connection is established with the server. Recipient can view the message by entering password.

First time recipients need to create their password. Same password can be used to view messages from any MDofficMail user, anytime in the future. Sender can evaluate the first time recipient by with a security code. This auto-generated code can be provided by the sender and this needs to be entered by the recipient to create password.

Recipient can reply securely from the same window. Such replies will be encrypted and delivered to the regular (original) Inbox of CryptnSend user. Message can be securely downloaded and saved in the local computer.

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Default Message Flow & Properties with MDofficeMail
HIPAA email message flow diagram

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