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MDVault - HIPAA Email from MDofficeMail

What is MDVault and How to validate a new recipient?

MDVault is a unique and solicit frature of MDofficeMail which helps you send encrypt messages from your MDofficeMail account and holds them on our secure server. Instead of delivering them. To make sure that your email reached the correct person, you can use the validation feature. By sending a message with validation request, the recipient needs a 6-digit token to open his message, which can be conveyed to the recipient by phone. Note that validation token is required only by the new recipient and only for the first message that he/she receives from you. Follow these steps to validate a recipient:

  • While composing/sending a message click on Options to the right next to Toggle Cc/BCC.
  • Select “Validate” from the dropdown next to “if new”
  • Once message is sent, an auto generated message is delivered to your inbox consisting of 6-digit token.
  • Call the recipient of message and given him/her the token number

How does MDVault work?

MDVault encrypts messages sent from your MDofficeMail account and holds them on our secure server. Instead of delivering them, a notification is sent to the recipient to inform them that a secure encrypted message has been received. By clicking the https web-link within the notification, the recipient can log into our secure server to decrypt, view and securely reply to your message. The reply is delivered securely into your MDofficeMail inbox retrievable through POP, IMAP or Webmail, all with SSL/TLS.

How secure is MDVault, and what encryption technology does it use?

MDVault uses industry-standard AES-256 encryption in CBC mode with MD5 hash. This is the same class of encryption that many financial institutions and government agencies around the world use to protect their data. When used properly, MDVault also meets HIPAA and other regulatory guidelines for transmission of sensitive data to any email address.

What does MDVault protect against?

After the first email exchange and the password for a user have been set, the encryption will prevent someone spying on the message in the 'middle' between MDofficeMail and the receiving user.

Is it possible to customize the MDVault notification message?

This is available for Domain-Hosted Plans only. Supply us with a company logo, and for an additional $5/mo we will replace the 'MDofficeMail' logo with yours in webmail and MDVault, including in the notifications. It is possible to customize the notification template entirely to your liking, along with other customizations, such as the login screen. If interested, customization can be opted from the subscription page where you register yourself for a domain plan.

Can I send mail to outside recipients secure without MDVault?

Yes, if you prefer not to use MDVault, we recommend the following. Setup special mailboxes within your MDofficeMail account for any recipients you intend to send secure information. Provide the login information to them. Our mailboxes can be configured to notify the recipient at their public address whenever mail is delivered to their secure mailbox. This is similar to MDVault but requires more maintenance and requires you have available mailboxes & disk quota in your MDofficeMail Plan. MDVault is seamless and gets around these limitations.

Is there any additional charge for MDVault?

No. All MDofficeMail Plans, both Individual and Domain-Hosted Accounts, support MDVault without additional charge.

How to decrypt a message by the recipient?

  • Click on the “View encrypted message” in the intimation message that is received in your Inbox.
  • A window opens in your web browser, which is a https page.
  • Fill the following fields to create your account. Note that this is only onetime process.

Token Number: (displayed only if the sender wanted to validate your email account). You need to
contact the sender to get this 6-digit validation code. This code is automatically
delivered to the sender’s Inbox as soon as the message is sent to the recipient.
Password:        (please remember this password for future use)
Password:        (Same password again)
Password Hint:  (It is important. Required when password is forgotten)
Watermark:      (Useful to identify the sender in the future)

Video - Decrypting secure, HIPAA compliant email received from MDofficeMail

How the recipient of an encrypted message can send a secure reply?

The recipient of a secure message can send a secure reply without a MDofficeMail account. After decrypting and viewing the message, a secure reply can be sent by clicking on the “Secure Reply” tab.

How the recipient can retrieve forgotten password for decryption?

  • click on “Send me password hint” – Email with password hint will be sent to the recipient.
  • click on “Ask sender to reset password”
  • Sender of the message will get an email with password reset request.
  • Sender clicks the link in the message, which leads to a webpage
  • Sender clicks on “Reset destination account”
  • Recipient will receive a message to reset password. Now recipient can reset password and view messages.

What is the purpose of the password and watermark?

The password ensures that only the intended recipient can access the securely delivered messages. The watermark is a phrase customized by the recipient to be printed on their incoming MDVault notifications. This is a form of verification to the recipient that the notification is from MDofficeMail and not a "phishing" attempt forged by someone else.