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Admin Features - HIPAA Compliant Email Service

What is Mailing List and how it works?

MDofficeMail Service is supplied with DList - a fully featured mailing list server. Mailing lists are administered via "Mailing Lists" on the main MDofficeMail or over your domain if subscribed for Domain Plan from Account Settings in Login page Domain Admin Interface.

Generally, System Admin. would set up a list, and then users would send an email to the 'listname-request' address to 'subscribe' them to the list.

Users only interact with the list by sending emails either directly to the list to be 'posted' or to the listname-request address if they wish to join the list or send it commands. When users join the list they are normally sent this list of commands so that they know what the list can do for them.

What is Bulletins and how does it work?

A bulletin is just like a mailing list message sent globally to all users or all users of a domain but much more efficient. A nice feature of bulletins is that they will be delivered upon account creation to accounts that do not yet exist.

How to forward your Mx records to MDofficeMail using GoDaddy.com? Applicable only if your domain is hosted using GoDaddy services.

Please follow the instructions below given to forward your Mx records to MDofficeMail Server (mail.mdofficemail.com). An Mx record is something related to email and has nothing to do your website hosting.
It is very easy to forward Mx records.
Instruction to forward your MX records from GODADDY.COM to mail.mdofficemail.com:

  • Please login to godaddy.com
  • My Account> Domains > Select your Domain & click Launch  > DNS Manager > Launch > MX (Mail Exchanger)
  • Against Priority 0 change “points to” double click and change to mail.mdofficemail.com
  • Against Priority 10 change “points to” double click and change tomail2.mdofficemail.com
  • Click on “Save Zone File”

If any further assistance required, please contact our support team at clientsupport@mdofficemail.com