Configure your security software (Anti-Virus)

Internet security, firewall and anti-virus applications can prevent MDOfficeMail from working correctly. E.g. McAfee, Norton or eTrust EZ Firewall. To use MDOfficeMail with Norton products, you may have to create a specific rule allowing pop-ups on the MDOfficeMail website.

Here's how to create a rule with 2003 Norton products:
  • Open your Norton software.
  • Click Options and select Web Content.
  • Select Add Site, and enter
  • Click the User Settings tab, and uncheck Use Ad Blocking settings.
  • Select Permit.
If you're using 2004 Norton products
  • Open your Norton software.
  • Highlight Ad Blocking and select Configure.
  • Click Advanced.
  • Click Web Contents, and select Add Site.
  • Enter
  • Click the User Settings tab, and uncheck Use Ad Blocking settings.
  • Select Permit.
And for 2005 or 2006 Norton products
  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Log in to
  • Click the NIS (2005 products) or Norton Internet Security (2006 products) icon on your browser's toolbar.
  • Uncheck the box next to Block pop-ups from this website.
  • Restart Internet Explorer.
If you'd like to disable the Norton 2006 pop-up blocker, just follow these steps
  • Open the Norton 2006 program installed on your computer.
  • From the Options drop-down menu, select Norton Anti-spam.
  • Click General under Ad Blocking.
  • Uncheck the box next to Turn on Pop-up Window Blocking.
  • Click OK.
To use MDOfficeMail with McAfee products, please follow these steps
  • Open your McAfee security, privacy, or firewall software.
  • Find your preferences for cookies, and set mdofficemail.comand as allowed.
Please follow these steps to adjust your EZ Firewall security settings
  • Open EZ Firewall.
  • Click Privacy, then Site List.
  • Add Yourdomain.mdofficemail.comand Yourdomain.mdofficemail.comto your list.
  • Right-click the red x under Cookie Control: 3rd Party, and select Allow for both sites.