Email Client

Secure Domain Email Customers:
If your secure email account with us uses a domain name other than, simply use your domain name extension for your user name instead of wherever it appears in the instructions or the examples given. Please note that the server name (POP< SMTP and IMAP) remains unchanged from If you have purchased your own IP address & certificate, you may substitute any reference of with your mail host name, e.g.
mdofficemail fully supports auto-detection of account settings in Thunderbird 3.1+ and Outlook 2007(SP2) and later. Other mailers or apps may work or partially work. Common problems include not enabling SSL and leaving off the domain in your username. So we recommend that you verify your settings manually even if they might seem to work fine after auto-configuration.

This will help you to configure your secure email account and compatible Mozilla Thunderbird Email client to work with the Secure Email Server system.
- You can configure your CryptnSend account in your Email Client program.
- Please don't modify your exisitng configuration as that is required for sending your regular emails and receiving messages.
- Add a new account in your email client with the new credentials. This account is only for sending HIPAA compliant messages.
  • Your name and Mail Account: Your name (and the word "Secure" to indicate this account is for sending secure email)
  • User name: Your email user id
  • Password: Your CryptnSend password for the email account associated with CryptnSend
  • Incoming mail server (POP): (This is just for configuration purpose. No messages are received in this account. All incoming messages are received in your regular email account.)
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
  • Check “My outgoing server requires authentication”.
  • In advanced settings, for outgoing server (SMTP) , enter port 465 and select SSL.